Apple, Samsung, Jolla, LG, Huawei, ZTE
CONTACT OPTIMA SERVICE OY PHONE 0600 0 1060 (1,49 € min + mpm/pvm) HIOMOTIE 30   00380 HELSINKI


Optima Service has been the leading data terminal equipment expert in Finland since 2001. We take care of small and large companies’ terminal equipment quickly and efficiently, including purchases, maintenance, administration and recycling. Optima is authorized by all popular manufacturers. Our authorized service covers Apple products such as Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods bought within EU/EFTA, and iPhones purchased from Apple Stores. We also cover mobile phones, computers and Smart PC products by Samsung, Jolla smartphones, and mobile devices, tablets and USB modems by Huawei, LG and ZTE. Optima Portal makes service fast and easy.

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