Optima Service and Jolla have entered a collaboration agreement on Jolla smartphone maintenance services. Collaboration will begin immediately.

As a result, Optima Service’s maintenance and lifecycle services for mobile devices will expand to cover the modern, open Sailfish operating system developed by Jolla. The Android compatibility of Jolla’s operating system will also strongly support Optima Service’s own application strategy.

This is a major collaboration deal, with Optima Service as the sole maintenance service partner for Jolla smartphones.

“Our multi-expertise in the mobile device sector was a key factor in negotiating our collaboration with Jolla. The maintenance services will be primarily aimed at end users of Jolla devices. This agreement will also support our strong growth strategy,” comments Juha Pitkänen, COO of Optima Service.

Jolla phones entered the shops in Helsinki on 27 November. They have also raised interest around the world.

“We are delighted to be working alongside Optima Service, whose services will be an important part of our operations,” says Jason Rice, Head of Supply Chain, Jolla. “We believe that our collaboration with Optima Service will ensure the best possible customer experience for our end users,” adds Kullah Anderson, in charge of customer care at Jolla.